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The Potter's Clay

hey yall, you know, as I was doing my quiet time like 1 hour ago, it was amazing and i thought i could share it with yall :)

you see i've been feeling rather discouraged as of late, cuz of some mishaps and friendship problems. and tonight, i gave all my problems to God. i figured God has a solution, and i know for sure He has! can i hear an Amen! :D it was amazing. i re-dedicated my life to God in my little room. and i just cried and man.. i flipped open the bible and bam! Jeremiah 18 stuck out of the page. like it was BOLDED or something. i was like.. O_O cool man lets read it~ so Jeremiah 18.

it speaks of the potter's clay. and it really hit me cuz thats the way that God will use us. we've got to let Him mould us. and every situation that we go through, its a trial. its a trial that God has put us through, like the fire and the moulding of the clay. its only through the fire, the scorching heat, that the masterpiece can be made. and relatively, God has to put us through trials, to mature us :) someone shout HALLELUJAH!

so next time you're feeling like you can't handle the stress, be it friendships or stress, or well, whatever, know that God is moulding you, making you perfect, readying you for the day you get to heaven.

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