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Hi all.

I'm Laura from Finland. I'm glad i found some people like me from this website.. Ofcourse in here Finland we have many "undergound" stylish christians but somehow I wanted to get to know some of you from other lands..
I might write some entries in english to my own journal but we'll see (And you're going to notice I'm not so good in englih;).
My life's been a little messy for a while. There is so dark and cold nowadays, about -20 degrees, it's freezing. Most of people are so depressed. I've been too since God healed. But now.. I feel like i'm empty inside. I need some more.
I've been thinking to travel to some other land. Studying maybe? I'd like to find some school for christians I can go.. I want to see so much more in this lifetime.
I can just pray for that. Maybe God will lead me to somewhere other-land perhaps.
Today was nice.
I bought some treasures from a local secondhand-shop. I like all bohemian stuff, I like to wear a little bit hippie and free. I found couple of cute scarfs, nice bohemian hippie-pants, few jewels, i also found that oriental lamp. I was so excited. ^^ 
I also like arts, photographing, music and dancing.. That's me.^^
Time is just running out.. Maybe now I'm going to get some sleep.. I hope.
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welcome :)

Video chat with other christians, going to christian school and meeting them and being the cute foriegner they all want to befriend. That can be much fun. Sometimes my life is cold even if it is not 20 below. The coldness of my life freezes me and makes it hard to be alive inside. It makes it hard to communicate warmth or caring to other people.