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~All I Want for Christmas is to Free Sudanese Slaves~

(This message is for all believers in unity of the faith.  X-Posted Elsewhere)

It's that time of the year!

We go Christmas shopping. We go to parties and drink spiked egg nog (if we're old enough). We see our families. We celebrate and remember Jesus Christ's birth in Christmas Eve services around the world! It's debatably the happiest of time of year.

This jubilee is not shared by everyone. There are the lonely (including internationals) without families that we need to bring to our home celebrations; there are soldiers serving around the world that we need to support; and yes, there are slaves.


While I sit comfortably in my apartment computer lab, I consider:

1.What luxurious food I shall buy next with government money.

2.I think about how I will entertain myself for the rest of the day. Will it be television, recruiting new students, facebook, calling or meeting a friend, or going to another Christian event?

3.Lastly, I consider whether I'm spiritually satisfied. I give my mentor a call on the phone.

Today, when a Sudanese family decides not to bow down to Allah, they consider:

1.Whether they will be spending their last meal together.

2.They will think about how they will not have entertainment for the rest of their lives, but rather how they will become someone else's entertainment.

3.Lastly, they consider whether their stance is worth death to some of them and allowing for slavery (sometimes sexual) for the rest of them. (Some members of the families did not even take the stance themselves, but they are children suffering for what their parents believe in.)
My Reaction:

I have been looking forwards to what I am getting for Christmas and for my Birthday (combined from my Mom and Grandma) for a long time. A few of you know I have anticipated that 10x Zoom Digital Camera and portable hard drive.

I knew there was still slavery in the world, but it never dawned on me that something could be done about it. Then, I learned that $45 buys one slave his/her freedom and speaks the message of Jesus Christ's Redemption to that slave.

I vow to you the reader, that I will ask for all the money that would have gone to buy those two gifts, to go buy as many slaves free as possible.

I am sharing this with you because I urge you to do the same.

Think of the urgency of freedom. Think of a verdict on your family worse than imprisonment for the reason that you took a stance for God.

Maybe you could just give $45 and free one slave-- bringing children to Jesus Christ in the process.

Here is the link to the full story and how to contribute:




 God bless you,

P.S.  If you can't raise $45 to free a slave, then please cut and paste this journal entry to your journal entry.  Thank you very much!


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