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Today in church, an amazing woman named Susan came forward during an altar call. She said (and it is not common to talk to the pastor during our altar calls, at least not while he's giving the call) that she had an urgent prayer request, and our wonderful pastor let her take the floor.

She said that she recieved a call on her cell phone from a relative, whose other relative was a 17 year old girl. The girl is pregnant, and her parents are forcing her to have an abortion this Friday (9th May). Susan asked us to pray for this girl, and for her parents, to prevent this from happening.

I don't know this girl, or her family, but I felt like God had Susan find out about this situation in my church, during this service, for a reason. What better way to reach a multitude of Christians than to go up and stand in front of them when they are worshiping?

So I'm asking you, another multitude of Christians, to pray for this girl and her unborn child. Pray also for her parents, that their hearts would be changed, or that God would forcibly prevent this murder from taking place.


(psalm 139:13-19 seems appropriate in this context)
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