charlottechno (charlottechno) wrote in christcore,

Incredible praise!

I don't know if y'all have heard about the tornado outbreak yesterday and Friday in Georgia, but I live in a county that had probably 3 or 4 warnings in the time the storms were occurring. At one point, the news announced a warning, and I looked out my window to see rotation in the neighborhood next to mine.
There were many moments like this in the day, all pretty much chock full of terror. My friend Michael had left my house to go home and was forced to turn around not 5 minutes later because he saw a funnel cloud in the direction he was heading.
Later in the day, it was reported that there was a tornado headed towards the area I live in, and my friend Amy and I ran to the downstairs laundry room and prayed. I texted my good friend Andrew to pray for us, for he has a heart on fire for God, and he said he would, and to read Psalm 91. I had my Bible with me and read it aloud.
Several minutes passed, and many more, until it seemed as though the storm outside had turned to nothing more than rain. Amy and I left the room, and went to the news; the tornado had dissolved in its path.
I am amazed at the work of God and am very grateful to say my home is unscathed.

I'm also curious, has anyone else had an experience similar to this, in which nature was stopped in its tracks through prayer and God's will?

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