This is the start of something new (random_melly) wrote in christcore,
This is the start of something new

we need a miracle :(

Please pray for my family. My step dad Michael is in criticial condition with an artificial heart. He is very weak, and needs our prayers. I have always thought that I wanted to witness a miracle,and we are in need of one here. He is really struggling to survive, but I know with God anything is possible. Please pray that God can restore his body, renew his spirit, and provide a heart for a transplant. Our family is weak, and in need of rest. The word says that Jesus will give rest to those who are weak and burdended. May we find peace in Him, rest in Him. May the Lord work in us, and work in Michael. May things happen behind the scenes that we cannot comprehend. Please Jesus let him live. In Jesus precious and holy name. Amen.

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